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1934 SS-Cars-Jaguar SS-1

Carroceria Coupe
tipo de combustible Petrol
Transmisión Manual
Color exterior Green
Color interior Black
Tapicería Leather
Dirección Rhd
The Jaguar SS1 was produced from 1934 through 1936. These were a further evolution of William Lyons’ Swallow coach-built bodies that had been used on various types of chassis during the late 1920s. Morris, Fiat, Austin, and Standard were a few of the automakers that commissioned the Swallow bodies.
In 1931 Standard produced a chassis that was intended only for Swallow bodies. This union between the two companies was named Standard Swallow, more commonly known as ‘SS.’ Within a few years, in 1933, the SS Cars Ltd was official and offered a variety of bodystyles, chassis, and configurations.

In 1934 the SSI model line-up grew in versatility with the introduction of the ‘four light’ salon body. It was given this name due to its four side windows. Inside, it offered more room for the occupants then prior versions.

Automobile production ceased during the Second World War. At the conclusion of the War, Lyons dropped the ‘SS’ name and formed the Jaguar Marque.
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